Purpose Built Young (PBY) is an online and print publication that searching for modern and clever solutions to living a life of autonomy, creativity, and purpose with Jesus. PBY is for young creative hustlers who want to live a significant life.

I LOVE GOd. I love Autonomy. I LOVE CREATING. I love travel. I love serving others I love design. 

About The Author

David Iskander is the author of Purpose Built Young.

 Instagram: @diskander

I found PBY only eighteen months ago after being laid off from a less-than-satisfying 9-5. After six years studying for an International Business degree and two years in the corporate world, David took the leap. PBY is about defining your purpose, building your character, and pioneering your future.  It's written from the perspective of a 26 year-old. In other words, everything about PBY is young speaking to young.

We live out the gospel in direct proportion to how we understand it in our lives - in our work, schools, and future. The better we see the Gospel in our hustle, the more we feel in tune with our life. And if our heart is what God sees, we ought to take it more seriously in our daily lives.

Living a life of purpose, power, and calling don't have to wait until someday. This is about living the best of life, today. Most of the time, we wait for more money, more flexibility, or more skill to do what we love. What if you can start doing what you love, today?

How do we bring the Kingdom into the 21st Century? There are 4 Keys:


We must live a life of purpose, passion, and calling. Not because it is sexy. Because it is true.


Often, the first thing we let go is the first thing we ought to fight for. If our hearts matter, our character matters (a lot).



The most important output of our life will come in what we do for others. 



We cannot replicate anyone else's journey. In some form, we all must pioneer our journey.