You have a digital account ledger, whether you know it or not. Today, you may make a mistake. You may sin. The way our system is wired, something oddly strange happens. 
Your one, tiny, microscopic mistake, in the scope of your eternity, will attach itself to your digital accountanting records. Your digital accountant automatically brings up the past. It could be 10 years of struggle or a struggle 10 years ago. Your digital accountant is not helpful. When a tiny mistake draws 10 years of pain, and God already forgave you for it, will you be paying the digital accountant for records you don’t need to keep? 
God isn’t pulling up any records at anytime against you once he forgave you. You shouldn’t either. Responding in guilt is short-term change. Real change happens with an internal resolve. Why character? Because your internal resolve is what makes being humble, faithful, disciplined so much more worth it. 
Stop keeping accounting records you don’t need.