A muskmelon (cantaloupe) sells for over $200 in Japan. A muskmelon? I could purchase one from Whole Foods Market for $3.79. The climate is absolutely conducive to grow muskmelons. They have enough land. And, they have the right weather to thrive. Why are they so expensive in Japan? 

 It’s not because they are grown in greenhouses which are expensive to build and maintain. Nor is it because they are grown one per vine which means a lower yield per year. Nor is it that the preparation of the soil and seed is a meticulous process done by hand. It’s because the story they tell around muskmelons. 

A muskmelon is an elegant fruit that withholds just the right amount of flavor. When grown just right, a muskmelon is a work of art. It represents beauty and quality. It comes in its own box with an elegant wrapper.

The story you tell around something makes all the difference.  What story do you tell about your purpose? Is it within you? Are you achieving it? Or, do you tell yourself that your purpose is nonexistent? Are you worth more?

Of course you are. It just all depends on the story you tell yourself. Be the hero of your own story.