If you read my first article on the muskmelon, you learned something very valuable about the story you tell yourself about purpose.

Let's take it a step further. 

The best muskmelon farms cultivate each melon in tightly controlled environments. Why? Well, cultivators know to build the best, you must be intentional. For instance, they will not water the plants for the first 11 days or so. That way, the plant reaches deep for water and build a strong root system. Then, when it starts to sprout melons, the cultivator chooses the best melon and prunes the rest. That way, all the nutrients and flavor go into that one melon. Maybe the story the cultivator tells is important, too. 

To create high quality melons takes intentionality.   It takes intentionality through dry, difficult seasons. It takes pruning bad habits. It takes cutting out everything that isn't your best. It takes focus. It takes preparation and cultivation. Otherwise, no one would pay $200 for a melon.

In other words, why would you expect others to value you if you don't value yourself? Live intentionally because it breeds character and character breeds purpose.